Answers to your questions

We understand you probably have some questions about the project so we’ve tried to answer them below.

How long with the work last for?

We anticipate all work on site to be completed by winter 2017.

Why has it taken so long for the work to start when planning permission was granted in 2014?

The project was delayed as there was an unexpected need to work on other schemes within the same South Staffs Water supply network. The site is able to still function but it is important that we make the investment and improvements for the future.

Will there be lots of traffic?

Contractors are expected to be on site before peak hour traffic to minimise any impact on commuters and deliveries will be made outside of peak hour traffic and school pick-up/drop-off times.

No parking will be permitted on Reservoir Road. A lay-down and turning area will be provided within the site to ensure that no turning, reversing or waiting is experienced on Reservoir Road.

Will the work create dirt and dust?

We will be using wheel washes on vehicles before leaving the site to reduce dust and dirt, along with the provision for approved mechanical road sweepers to clean hard-standings and any mud or debris deposited by site vehicles on road or footpaths in the vicinity of the site. Secure sheeting of lorries carrying particulate materials will be enforced.

Will the work be noisy?

Whilst construction work by definition will involve heavy plant and machinery our principal contractor and their subcontractors will eliminate, reduce, isolate or control noise levels wherever possible, minimising disruption for our neighbours.

Will my water supply be interrupted?

Work is not expected to cause interruption to water supply.

If this changes, we will try to notify you but there may be circumstances where this may not be possible. If we do need to turn off or disrupt supply, we always work to get your water back on as quickly as we can.

Isn’t this a lot of activity when there is also a construction site for new homes opposite the reservoir site?

We appreciate there is other construction work in the area and as part our of planning will work to coordinate our activities with the contractors to cause minimal disruption. The site will be self-contained, all deliveries will be made within the existing site compound and no parking will be permitted on Reservoir Road.

Keeping you informed

If we haven’t answered your question already, there are a number of ways you can find out more.

The project is being undertaken and managed by specialist contractor to the water industry, Stonbury. A dedicated community liaison officer has been appointed to the project to manage any enquiries.

Barry Chapman
Stonbury Project Manager

07733 122722

A 24 hour help line is also available in case of any enquiries outside of normal working hours.

0330 022 9267

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