Chloe Sanderson
Chloe Sanderson


I'm Chloe and I am supporting the Sedgley Community Portal updates. You may see me visiting the site to help keep you informed, so please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

I've dropped into Sedgley this morning to do a quick progress post, the weather has been great and the team are the majority of the way through replacing the waterproof layer that covers the top of the reservoir. As you can see on the photos, the waterproofing is applied before the earth is placed back over the top.

If you have been up to Sedgley recently, you will have probably noticed the large mounds of earth that were taken away to expose the roof, this soil will be put back into place to look just as it did previous to our works. As Barry has previously mentioned, this amounts to a whopping 13,000 tonnes of earth! 

We really appreciate your feedback, so thank you to those that have commented already. And as I mentioned earlier, please do feel free to contact Barry or myself, should you have any other questions!


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